That Figure Needs a Bath

L-needs-a-bath-Large-e-mail-viewA Clean Action Figure is a Happy Action Figure

Sometimes you find that rare action figure you’ve been looking for for years in a toy bin at a thrift store or at a garage sale, and although you got a great deal, you notice that this figure has seen better days. There’s a little dirt and grime build-up around the joints, there’s some mystery gunk stuck to the left foot and years of attic dust have made this action figure in serious need of a bath.

Not a problem! All you need are some basic household supplies and you’re ready to go.

First thing you’ll need is a bowl of warm (not hot!) water. Hot water can cause the plastic to soften and become misshapen; lukewarm water will do just fine. The bowl should be large enough to completely submerge the figure.
What You’ll Need

You’ll need to find a soft-bristled toothbrush. A brand new one works best as it will be free of toothpaste residue, which can be abrasive and cause paint to scratch off of the figure.

You’ll also need some liquid soap, such

8 Tips for Posing Action Figures

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For collectors who open their action figures, setting up a great display to showcase them is a lot of the fun. Getting action figures into arrangements and poses that suit you can be a tiresome and difficult process if you aren’t accustomed to doing it. The following tips will help. You’ll be posing your action figures like a professional in no time.

Getting Ready

Choose the location. The first step in posing an action figure is figuring out where it’s going to be displayed.

The texture of the surface can have a big impact on whether or not the figure will stand. The space available may limit certain stances or dynamic poses as well. Traits to look for in a display space are flat, non-slick surfaces with plenty of horizontal and vertical space.

Determine if it’s safe. Sometimes even the best action figure poses can result in a figure falling over or tumbling.

Figures placed up high may fall and get broken. They may also plummet into other dangerous situations. Places to avoid are above TVs or computers, and away from toilets or stoves. Keep

7 Tips Before Buying Action Figures Toys

zxjinzht71a68pdvag23Collectible action figures will be the most popular toys on the market today. There is a huge selection of variations obtainable in different sizes and shapes. Thousands of people keep action figures toys because of their own various reasons.

Here are some of the greatest ideas to begin you collection and to help keep them in the very best condition for a long period.

1 . Before Collecting, End up being Clear Concerning the Purpose
You should narrow down the precise reason with regards to collectible action figures. Very first you need to decide clearly whether you do this to create money or you are likely to share your selection with a child? Or you intend to collect to possess fun just? Regardless of the reasoning is, you need to regulate how to proceed. For example, collecting action figures playthings for the money will entail more analysis than just collecting to provide to your children to perform a set.

2 . Search for the Figures
Looking for the action figures is really a long procedure for the collectors. You can begin with the local

Six Tips for Collecting Adventure Action Figures

1. Decide the Purpose of the Action Figure Collection

People purchase multiple adventure action figures for three primary purposes: They want to play with them or make them available for others to play with, they want to become a collector, and/or they see an action figure collection as a monetary investment for the future. The purpose of the collection will determine what types of action figures the collector purchases and how the collector treats the figures after purchase. If the primary purpose in collecting action figures is for play, either for oneself or for a child or grandchild, then there is no need to take steps to preserve or improve the quality of the action figure. Collectors who acquire action figures for their own personal gratification also may not be particularly concerned about the condition of the action figure. For the third type of collector, however, the collector who wishes to acquire action figures and later resell them at a higher price, keeping the action figures in mint or near-mint condition is extremely important.

2. Keep the Action Figures in Excellent Condition

The majority of serious action figure collectors do care about keeping action figures in mint or near-mint condition. To keep an

Action Figure Toys For Kids Tips

First Need – First, it is very important that you specifically on the specific object you want to buy a figurine. People buy miniatures for various reasons. Someone can buy a figurine to give to their relatives, while others want for their collection. Then there are people who buy action figures for the sake of future investment, and if their toys are old, they sell at high prices. Have a clear idea of ​​your needs, save your money and no time to even mention any kind of toy – the hottest collection of WWE He-Man or something.

Second Shopping – Now looking for bargain prices right tedious process if you do it for retailers. You can get cheap toys retail, but remember that you do not receive diversity. But if you do it online, then you have many options. She received many offers of cheap figurines. A variety of toys favorable action is available online. They are easy to find online rare toys that are hard to find physically. No one you can either cash or in bulk. There are many auction sites, where you buy your application and favorite toy collectors can at reasonable prices. People sell their new and

Tips for Posing Action Figures

For collectors who open their action figures, setting up a great display to showcase them is a lot of the fun. Getting action figures into arrangements and poses that suit you can be a tiresome and difficult process if you aren’t accustomed to doing it. The following tips will help. You’ll be posing your action figures like a professional in no time.

Getting Ready

Choose the location. The first step in posing an action figure is figuring out where it’s going to be displayed.

The texture of the surface can have a big impact on whether or not the figure will stand. The space available may limit certain stances or dynamic poses as well. Traits to look for in a display space are flat, non-slick surfaces with plenty of horizontal and vertical space.

Determine if it’s safe. Sometimes even the best action figure poses can result in a figure falling over or tumbling.

Figures placed up high may fall and get broken. They may also plummet into other dangerous situations. Places to avoid are above TVs or computers, and away from toilets or stoves. Keep them away from difficult to reach areas so that small accessories aren’t lost. It also helps to keep them out

How to Start an Action Figure Collection

Collecting action figures can be an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby. It can make you feel like a kid again. It can help you celebrate your love for your favorite movie, comic book or TV show. And, if you buy carefully, it can become a great financial investment, as many figures reach values of hundreds of dollars on the collectible market.

But first, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

Why do I want to collect action figures?
Where should I start looking to begin my collection?
How should I collect and display my action figures?
We all know that action figures are cool, but what is your deeper reason for wanting to collect action figures as opposed to, say, stamps or coins? The answer to this question will help you make smarter purchases and ultimately build a better collection.

Are you a fan of a particular movie? Then you may want to limit your collection to action figures based on the movie (e.g., collecting only Star Wars figures). Are you a comic book fan? Then you may want to focus your collection on only Batman or Spider-Man figures.

Limiting your collection to just one or two themes will keep you from

How to Find the Value of an Action Figure

Action figure collecting can be very profitable when you know what you’re looking for and, more importantly, what you have. For those collectors who look to their collections as a financial investment, knowing the value of each figure is extremely important. If you hope to one day re-sell your figures on the collectible market, you must determine its value according to the demand for the figure and the condition (or grading) it’s in.

Determining Condition

How much a figure is worth depends greatly on how pristine or how beat up it is. The six basic grades of condition are as follows:

  • C10: Mint Condition: The figure has no discoloration, paint loss, dirt or grime, has tight joints and includes all of its original accessories. If the figure is still packaged, the package itself must be in equally pristine condition without tears, creases or damage from torn-off price tags.
  • C8-9: Near Mint Condition: The figure must be as close to original condition as possible with the allowance of any minor issues, such a single loose joint or one or two missing accessories. Dirt, discoloration or paint loss is still not allowed in this grade.
  • C6-7: Fine Condition: The figure must still be complete (no missing limbs

Thrift Store Hunting for Action Figures

For collector’s looking for vintage action figures, there’s nothing like making a great score at a local thrift store. Most cities have at least one where people donate unwanted items that the store then resells at prices way below their original retail value. One of the benefits of thrift store shopping is that many items get donated by people who simply don’t realize may have a collectible value.

This is often the case with action figures because the general public views them as playthings for children that are to be thrown out or given away when the child has long since lost interest in them. They may have no idea that there is a collectible market out there filled with action figure enthusiasts clamoring for long forgotten figures from classic lines.

The old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure couldn’t be more true to action figure collectors.

Another benefit to collectors is the fact that thrift stores sell their donated merchandise for incredibly low prices. It’s not unheard of to find a figure that is currently going on the market for $50 or more to be priced at a thrift store for as little as $1.00 or even less. It

6 Things You Have to Know About Action Figure Scales

1. The Most Popular Scales

First of all, you need to know the most popular action figure scales. There are three extremely common sizes, and a few other less common ones. Most popular of all is 3 & 3/4-inch standard. This size was started with vintage Star Wars figures and really hasn’t lost steam since then. Most figures in this scale are close to 4 inches in reality, but 3 & 3/4-inches is the usual nomenclature for this size.

Another popular scale that’s been around since the original G.I. Joe is the 12-inch scale. Often called 1/6th or 1:6 scale, these big figures are a hit among high-dollar collectors and people looking for the best possible renditions of figures. The third common size is 6-inches, which is the standard brought on by Marvel Legends that became the most popular among modern-day collectors.

Other prominent standard sizes include 5-inch figures like the ’90s Toy Biz lines, 7-inch figures that are slightly up-sized 6-inch figures, or deluxe 18-inch figures that are really big.

2. The Attributes of Each Scale

Scales aren’t just about the size of the figure! You can also expect figures that fit into scales to have other similar attributes and standards.

For instance, 3 &

Defines an Action Figure

One of the most hotly debated issues among action figure collectors is: what is, and what isn’t an action figure. Every collector has been faced with somebody not-in-the-know calling their action figures “figurines” or worse, “dolls.” This labeling issue stems from the fact that nobody has ever taken the time to define what an action figure technically is. We often have a vague idea that an action figure is a small, plastic character designed for re-enactment play by children.

They can be posed and accessories can be placed in their hands, but so can Barbie dolls, and most collectors will emphatically cry out that Barbie is not an action figure.

This article will try to define action figures, however it’s important to understand that this definition is not written in stone and is subject to debate and further discussion.

This is not a black and white categorization; rather, there are many gray areas.

The first step in defining an action figure is to look at them alongside their closest cousins, figurines and dolls; all three of which can fall under the major category of simply “figures.” By defining all three, we should see how they are related and where one ends and the other

Tips for Selling Your Action Figures on eBay

Selling your action figure collection on eBay can be a big undertaking. Whether you’re a hesitant seller looking for some extra cash or someone trying to profit from a wise investment, the following tips will make the task a lot easier to handle, and help you get the most money for your collection.

Are You Ready to Sell?

Determine the demand. The value of a collection can change a lot over a short period of time.

Be aware of things that might alter the value of your collection, such as new movies, new lines based on vintage lines, or rereleases of sold out figures. Time your auction correctly to make the most of these changes.

Do the math. Consider the costs related to selling, shipping, and the time put into listing your auction before jumping into the process.

Be sure you can make the profit you want before parting with a treasured figure or collection.

Consider alternatives. There are a lot of benefits to selling your collection on eBay, but other selling options may be right for you or your specific collection. Finding a new collector who shares your interest, taking figures to thrift stores and antique shops, or using an eBay drop-off or consignment store

How to Care for Your Action Figure Collection

Taking good care of your action figure collection is easy. It takes very little time, and will help your collection last longer, making for nice displays and maintaining their collectible value. Just like any collection (stamps, coins, comic books), action figures can be susceptible to environmental factors and aging. A few simple steps will help keep your action figures looking like new.

Why Do I Need to Care for My Figures?

The materials that action figures are made from are far from indestructible, and can, over time, show signs of aging. Paint can chip or rub off, the plastic can become discolored or dirt, grime and dust can build up.

Your Action Figures’ Most Dangerous Enemies:

  • Direct Sunlight: Too much direct sunlight can cause the plastic to become faded and blotchy.
  • Heat: Intense heat, usually in conjunction with direct sunlight, can cause the plastic to become soft and misshapen.
  • Humidity: High humidity can cause the paint on the action figures to peel and chip, can cause decals to fall off and joints to loosen, causing your figures to have a hard time maintaining their poses.
  • Dirt and Dust: Dirt and natural oils from your fingers can cause a grimy buildup on your figures if handled too much.

Tips For Preserving Your Action Figure Collection

Whether you want to someday sell your action figure collection or simply keep them forever, you need to make sure that you are taking good care of everything. To help you with this, you will want to take a few minutes to review the following tips.

Store In The Dark

You need to protect more than just the action figure itself. If you are keeping them in their original boxes, you need to protect those boxes as well. Heat and humidity can destroy the cardboard, the print on it, and even the tape that holds the box shut. The plastic on the front of the box that shows off the action figure can turn yellow.

Watch What Plastic Bags You Use

If you have action figures that are not in boxes and you would like to store in plastic bags, you need to be careful with what bags you use. Regular zip lock bags have acid in the plastic that can harm your action figures if they are used for long-term storage. Instead, you will want to use storage bags made from polypropylene, as the plastic used for these bags does not contain any acid. They are what museums use to store artifacts. You

How to Choose an Action Figure Toy

Action figures certainly are a staple of childhood. These playthings come in most of the popular styles your children are seeking while still keeping a distinctive look. There exists a diverse selection of styles available, based on what your son or daughter is interested in. These toys are thrilling and engaging, while still leaving area for the child to exercise their own creativity.

GI Joes are being among the most longest and well-known running action figures. These toys are representations of army men, each using its own card describing a member of family back story. The toys emphasize the warrior mentality and have a true amount of weapons, camouflaged outfits, and special missions. GI Joe can be a favorite television franchise that may suggest more concepts for games. Gleam GI Joe movie your child might be thinking about.

Transformers are another activity figure based on a favorite cartoon show. These statistics transform from typical mechanical toys, like trucks and cars, into robots. The complexities of the toys vary from a straightforward, two component transformation to the a lot more complicated Optimus Prime activity figures, that could require a guide to determine the transformation. Consider just how much effort the transformations will need

5 Tips For Maintaining Action Figure Toys

Buying collectible figures is a long process as you desire to know which figures to select and which to ignore. You commit an intensive use yahoo and offline before making a determination. This is a stressful process. Well, your role is not really done yet, after buying the price ranges in addition you should take proper care of them so that you can gladly show them to your current friends. It’s important to keep your action figures toys always and due to that here are a few helpful advice.


For your convenience, we group the 5 Tips For Maintaining Action Figure Toys on the labels: movie action figures dc direct action figures action figure toy store – best action figures dc direct action figures action figure toy store dc direct action figures best action figures action figure toy store dc direct action figures . and

1. The Preservation
The preservation of collectible figures isn’t a difficult procedure, it is very simple. Actually, the packaging of them toys is certainly not given to protect them from sunlight, therefore it’s preferable to store your toys in a waterproof container faraway from windows or you can also store them

10 Tips for Marketing Your Action Figure

Selling your action figure collection on can be a big task. Whether you’re an afraid seller seeking some additional money or an individual attempting to benefit from a wise financial investment, the complying with suggestions will make the activity a lot much easier to manage, and help you obtain one of the most money for your compilation.

Are You Prepared to Offer?

Establish the need. The value of a compilation could change a great deal over a short period of time.

Be aware of points that might change the value of your collection, such as new flicks, brand-new lines based upon vintage lines, or rereleases of sold out numbers. Time your public auction correctly making one of the most of these modifications.

Do the math. Take into consideration the expenses related to selling, delivery, and the moment put into listing your public auction prior to delving into the procedure.

Make certain you could make the revenue you desire before parting with a valued figure or collection.

Take into consideration alternatives. There are a bunch of advantages to marketing your collection on eBay, yet various other offering choices may correct for you or your certain collection. Locating a brand-new collection agency who discusses your interest, taking

12 Tips for Buying Sports Action Figures

Action figures are character figurines that are usually made of hard plastic. Sports action figures are modeled after professional athletes, both current players as well as athletes of the past. Technically, the term action indicates that the figurine is poseable, meaning that the arms, legs, and other aspects of the body are manipulatable; however, the term action figure is commonly used among collectors to refer to all kinds of collectible figurines, including those that are manufactured in a fixed position.

Buying Sports Action Figures
Sports action figures are available as both toys and collectibles, and the line between toy and collectible often blurs. Many figures that were initially marketed for children have gone on to be some of the most valuable figures around. Other figures are made specifically for collectors and often have initial sticker prices that separate them from the sports dolls made for children. For collecting purposes, buying sports action figures can be tricky; buyers have many options, and prices fluctuate wildly. In order to avoid overpaying and other common mistakes, new collectors can adhere to the following 12 tips:

1. Establish a Budget
Left unchecked, a collecting hobby can be a financial, time, and space sinkhole, so collectors must

Photography tips and techniques for taking better photos of your toys

Before taking the photo, I turned off all the lights in the room except for the one spotlight, which is a an incandescent flood light in a reflector, which you can get for a few bucks at the hardware store. I don’t use fancy lighting setups, only because I don’t own any! The camera is on a tripod, which is a must when you are shooting small objects like action figures. I use a remote shutter release since the slightest movement will make your subject appear blurry.

For most of my shots, I set the shutter to F2.8 on the AV mode, and zoom in on the subject as much as possible. I have learned that this setting gives me the best results. For these photos I used a wide angle lens, but a zoom lens would also work great since it would give a low depth of field that would throw the foreground and background out of focus, making the subject nice and sharp.

Action figures almost always look best if you photograph them at eye level, as if you are in the scene interacting with it. It’s also a good idea to try and create a scene or a story

Clean Plastic Toys

Many toys today are made out of plastic. Because toys are dragged on the floor, chewed on, and held tightly by little hands, they can get dirty quickly. How are we supposed to clean all those plastic toys?

1. Building Blocks
While I don’t regularly clean the massive collection of building blocks that my kids have, I have found occasion to need to wash them. This was a lot more frequent when the kids played with the larger plastic toddler building blocks. For the larger blocks, a sink full of warm water with a little dish soap was perfect. I would dump the blocks into the sink, allowing them to soak for a few minutes before rinsing them off and stacking them so that they could drip and air dry. If there are dried sticky substances on your building blocks, a dish scrubber , or plastic spatula may be able to scrape that icky stuff off of the blocks. Be sure to allow the blocks to completely dry before replacing them in organizing bins or drawers.

2. Action Figures
If your action figures don’t have any special electronic features, you may be able to get away with dumping them into a sink