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How Our Platform Works

Our platform automates your Reddit promotion efforts, taking all the time and hard work out of promoting your models. Here's how it works:

1. Upload Content

Our platform tags your images with relevant keywords and schedules them to be posted in the right subreddits.

2. Auto-Schedule™

Our platform attaches relevant captions to your content, increasing interaction and upvotes from potential subscribers.

3. Auto-Post™

Our platform posts each piece of content in 20+ subreddits automatically, freeing up your time to interact with new fans.

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. Explode Reddit Presence

Fanper will get your models thousands of Reddit views every day so that you gain more fans on autopilot.

. Focus On New Clients

Fanper tags, schedules, posts, and manages each account automatically so that you have more time to chat with new clients.

. Zero Risk, All Reward

Fanper takes a bi weekly commission of your models revenue so that you have zero risk. We only make money if we make your models money.