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1 model
30 pieces of content per model
3 months
Along with free consultations, we offer the convenience of obtaining a high karma account for you. More options coming soon.



Number of automatic posts per day:


Total number of posts at the end of campaign:


Total hours saved:


Total money saved:


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Here's what you're getting for the price:

  • We are saving you 225 hours of work.

    Turns out manually posting to Reddit takes a lot of time. What our sophisticated service does automatically would take you an estimated 225 hours to do manually.

  • We are saving you an estimated $1,561.00/month.

    Our service is more affordable than hiring a virtual assistant, which would cost you an estimated $1,911.00 per month for the same results you'd be getting from us.

  • Peace of mind.

    You can focus on your business while we're taking care of your Reddit marketing. We use proxies and VPNs to make sure your account is safe.

  • We put the right content in front of the right people.

    We're not just posting your content to random places on Reddit. Our system analyzes your content and posts it to the right subreddits automatically.

Assumptions: VA average market hourly rate is $7/hr. Each piece of content can be posted to 30 relevant subreddits on average. Base new agency onboarding fee is $500. Monthly Maintenance Fee is $50. Tagging price is $1.50/piece of content to incentivize only quality content being submitted. Posting price is $1/post. Reddit's posting limit is once every 15 minutes which means a maximum of 96 posts per 24 hours. Onboarding, training, and managing a VA can take 48+ hours.